UserLock - Version 5.5

UserLock 5.5

  1. Added Screen Saver feature: The agent can now send a lock notification when a password protected screensaver starts.

  2. Added Idle Time feature: UserLock can now automatically logoff a session locked for longer than a specified time length. Combined with the ability to notify a lock event when screen saver starts, sessions can be closed after a specified time length of inactivity.
  3. Added Shut Down feature: You can now power off computers from the UserLock console.
  4. Added Group Policies feature: An .adm file is now available in the installation folder of UserLock. It allows deploying agent settings using Group Policies. This is useful if you already deployed the agent using the MSI package and Group Policies.
  5. Improvements and optimizations:
      a. Ability to use a large number of users Protected account (up to 10000).
      b. The query of the Session history report was optimized in order to display the report faster.
      c. The Session history report can now display independently Logons denied by UserLock and Logons denied by Windows (e.g. Invalid password).

UserLock 5

  1. Added:  Changed the Windows Console:
    a)  Brand new tabbed interface
    b)  A new dashboard allowing displaying statistics in charts.
    c)  Reports displayed in a new tab rather than a new window.
    d)  New properties editor.  Properties are displayed in a new tab rather than a new window.
    e)  Reporter is integrated into the console.
    f)  Logon Cleaner is integrated into the console.
    g)  Scheduler is integrated into the console.
    h)  The generation of reports can easily be scheduled without running command lines.  Reports can be automatically sent to an E-mail recipient.
    i)  Actions you can perform using the context menu are also displayed in the Actions Panel.
    j)  The Active Director tree can be displayed for Agent distribution view and the User Sessions View by Machines.
    k)  A new predefined filter has been added allowing to only display users or computers with more than one session.
    l)  Auto filter has been added to allow you to find users or computers quickly.
    m)  You can click on the top right corner of a column header in order to display a Quick Filter which is a list of all possible values in a column.

  2. Added:  A new web console.
    a)  A brand new interface.
    b)  A new dashboard allowing the display of statistics in charts.
    c)  Ability to sort users and computers according to a specific row (just click on the column header).
    d)  Auto Filter to quickly find users or computers in the console.
    e)  An Active Directory tree can be displayed for the Agent Distribution view and the Users Sessions View by Machines.
    f)  UserLock access rights are now available in the Web console using Server properties.
    g)  The User sessions view now displays user's full name and account's name.

  3. Added:  Brand new report engine and new report design.

  4. Added:  The ability to handle RAS sessions on Microsoft RRAS (Routing and Remote Access Service) or with any hardware router configured to authenticate users with RADIUS protocol on a Microsoft IAS (Internet Authentication Service) Server

  5. Added:  Protection of Wi-Fi Access Points.

UserLock 4.02

Added: Windows Server 2008 compatibility.
Added: Ability to monitor logon denied by Windows (invalid password).  These events can be displayed to users in the welcome message.  Audit logon events policy needs to be enabled for failure events for all protected computers (doable through group policies). For more information click here.
Fixed: Some issues with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
Fixed: Service wasn't stopping properly in case of a server shutdown/reboot.
Fixed: If a maximum session time was set immediately after the installation of UserLock all already opened user sessions could be logged off in some specific cases.
Improved: Ability to use a localization mask with a naming convention that identifies building with letters (A,B,C,...).  New wildcards to be used in the mask are: * = Building, % = Room, ? = Machine.  Localization masks using the previous system will still work. For more information click here.
Fixed: A potential deadlock in the UserLock service.
Fixed: When trying to uninstall the agent from a computer without the agent installed a wrong error message was displayed.

UserLock 4.01

Fixed: The previous session logoff dialog was not fully translated in English.
Fixed: A memory leak in the backup server.
Fixed: A session with a local account was sending connect/disconnect notification to the UserLock server leading to an error event.
Fixed: In some cases the web interface was unable to display reports.
Fixed: The welcome message wasn't displayed after the logoff of a previous session.
Improved: UserLock service dependency to the workstation service.
Fixed: If the logon rate was too high, the transaction log (ulagent.log) was not regularly cleaned.
Fixed: If a protected account was based on a universal group. UserLock wasn't including members of other domains in the list of concerned users.
Fixed: If a UserLock admin had only the right to administrate sessions he was unable to display reports because he was not allowed to retrieve the database connection string.

UserLock 4.0

Fixed: Internal exceptions when the user session list was empty.
Fixed: Crash of the session statistics report when the database was empty.
Fixed: The ascending/descending order radio buttons were not working correctly in the session statistics report.
Fixed: Some temporary files were not cleaned while generating report in a batch or in a scheduled task
Fixed: When disconnecting a locked terminal session the UserLock service was sometimes thinking that the session was still active.
Fixed: The permissions tab and the user sessions by computer view were not grayed on backup servers

Added: UserLock allows defining working hours and/or maximum session time for protected users. Outside of this (these) timeframe(s) and/or when time is up, users will be disconnected with prior warning.
Added: An option allowing users to remotely disconnect their previous session as they logon to another computer. This will avoid users from having to go back to the previous computer.
Added: A public Web interface to display system usage (per session status) in real time, allowing users to easily find an available computer; the interface can for example display systems available in a room (depending on computer naming convention), ideal for organizations with free access computers.
Added: Agent Distribution: View of the agent installation status on all computers of the protected network zone.
User sessions: Instantaneous view of all user session at display time.
Added: Delegated administration - Certain users can be given the ability to view and manage sessions without having access to more critical UserLock settings such as protected accounts configuration, agent distribution. 

UserLock 3.53

Fixed: The UserLock server no longer tries to deploy the GINA agent on Windows Vista computers. "OS not supported" is returned.
Added: Support of the beta version of the new Windows Vista agent that can be downloaded from the following link:
You need to install manually the msi file on each Windows Vista machine to protect. You will get more information about the setup in the following document:
Fixed: In some cases a communication problem was leading to display invalid characters.
Fixed: In some rare cases the database insertion thread was crashing while connecting to the database.

UserLock 3.52

Fixed: The protected zone was not configured correctly for domains with a NetBIOS name different than the hostname. Symptoms: Just the server itself was displayed in agent distribution.
Fixed: The web interface configuration tool was changing the authentication mode on the root folder of the IIS site instead of doing it directly on the UserLock virtual folder.
Fixed: A UserLock service installed on a Windows 2003 SP1 server was unable to deploy the agent on 64 bits computers
Improved: User accounts are now sorted by name in the web interface
Fixed: A problem while sending E-mail notifications to some specific SMTP servers
Fixed: The UserLock service was hanging in some cases (Error 0x0000079 in the console)
Fixed: A few bugs in reports
Fixed: A bug in the LogonCleaner.

The version of the agent did not change.

UserLock 3.51

Fixed: A bug in the communication between the web console and the UserLock server. The user sessions list or the agent distribution list were incomplete in some cases.
Fixed: A bug in the policy.
Fixed: In some rare cases if an internal exception occurred in the UserLock service users were unable to logon (a service restart was needed to fix the problem).
Added: Ability to reboot computers through the MMC administration console (Already available in the web console).
Fixed: A few bugs in the web console
Improved: The user sessions report show up faster
Fixed: UserLock was not working correctly on domains with an '@' character in the NetBIOS name.
Fixed: Citrix presentation server 4.0 register now its GINA in a different way and this was leading after an upgrade of both products to the inability to open ICA sessions (the logon hang).
Improved: When a computer is removed from the domain with a session registered in UserLock the session is now automatically removed.

Important! For existing customers, the upgrade procedure was updated in the FAQ.

The version of the agent did not change.

UserLock 3.5 final release

Fixed: The database insertion thread was crashing in some case disallowing any new insertions
Fixed: UserLock 3.5 beta 2 was unable to logoff/lock users with the administration console
Fixed: Database connection string changes through the web interface were not applied immediately
Fixed: The 404 web page was not correctly registered in the IIS virtual folder

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