Director - Version 3.2

Director 3.2

Changes to Reporting tool:

  • New Schedules: More Options for scheduling reports to run.
  • Delete Reports: Option to permanently delete reports older than specified number of dates.
Director 3.1


Director 3.0.1

  • Enhanced Description of Report List
  • Enhanced Report Definition Options
  • Report Scheduler for Daily and Weekly Reports
  • New Reports Can Be Created From Existing Reports
  • Important bug fixes

Director 3.0

New Reporting Tool: The new Reporting tool lets users create, change and schedule reports as well as view generated report files in a comfortable way.

  • You can now schedule reports and view them in the Report Viewer.
  • You can add a logo to your reports.
  • You can define which columns are printed on the report.
  • You can define a data trigger which is selected and used for printing the report.
  • There are several templates you can copy and modify to suit your own needs.

Director 2.8.0

1.  Monitoring Filter has been upgraded from 'one trigger (filter) only' to 'multiple triggers (filters)'.  Now a user has the ability to define as many filters as they want to filter out multiple unwanted changes such as lastLogonTimestamp and changes done by automated process.
2.  The Director Viewer has been improved to deliver better performance when showing a large set of data.
3.  A small bug was fixed: the title of the window incorrectly read as 'untitled - chngmvwr' after doing a Print Preview.
4.  The 'Connect...' dialog has been improved to correctly remember the last settings of both the 'Source:' and 'Machine:' fields.
5.  A 'Search Scope' has been added to the search dialog.  This will allow a user to search for changes in specific domains a lot easier.
6.  A 'Search Progress' dialog was added to show the progress of a search and to allow cancellation of the search if the user wishes.

7. Enhanced the 'Attribute Changed' window.  Before, when there was multiple data in the 'value' column it would show as one line with seperators.  Now if there is multiple data items in the value column you can double click it and see each value in its own line.
8.  'Attribute Change Events' can now be expored in csv mode (used to be html only).
9.  A bug where you couldn't delete user defined report templates was fixed.
10.  For reporting in csv mode the data is exported in a better way.  The data is exported in a way similar to pivot tables in excel, which lets users export and analyze the data easier in Excel and similar tools.
11.  Added a progress bar for creating reports.  Also allows cancellation at any time during the report creation process (nothing would be created in the case of cancellation).

Director 2.7.0

1.  Director can now archive the older events.  It can archive locally or to a network path.  Also you can just delete older records if you choose.

Director 2.6.0

1.  Director can now monitor the entire domain forest rather than just the local domain.

2.  Licensing can now be done on a per domain basis.
3.  Added the ability to change the column names on reports. For example you can now change Object Name to something more meaningful to you such as User Name or Computer name depending upon the report.

Director 2.5.11

'Initial Synchronization' dialog shows initial sync progress from start to end.  The dialog is automatically opened and closed by the ChangeTracer Administrator tool, which of course needs to be opened by the user.
Internal performance improvements - Performance was improved.  The number of Active Directory getobject-calls from ChangeTracer was reduced.
Internal Memory Management improvements - Changed the way that Director manages the memory of the system.  It no longer eats up as much memory as it can, but rather only uses a certain amount to stop the process from bogging down the system.

Director 2.5.0

Enhanced the reporting capabilities by allowing the report to show 'what was changed.'  To see an example of this, follow the 'Sample Report - Change Details' link on the right side panel.
Addressed an issue regarding LVR (linked-value replication).

Director 2.4.0

Fixed a bug where Global Monitoring Filter was filtering out more records than it should have.
Added the ability to Filter based on who the change was performed by.

Director 2.3.0

Covers the so-called 'linked-value replication' which was introduced by Microsoft with domains based on Windows Server 2003 operating systems.  Note that Windows Server 2003 based domains need to be set to 'Windows Server 2003' at the forest functional level.

Director 2.2.1

Fixed an issue finding the 'by.'  Sometimes the event was based on the SID and sometimes the actual User Account name.

Director 2.2.0

Added new report window group context menu.
Added new 'Trigger Notification' replacement variables.
Click here to look at the Director 2.2.0 release notes.

Director 2.1.0

This release of Director added/refined the ability to make more meaningful and presentable summary and detail reports.
Click here to look at the Director 2.1.0 release notes.

Director 2.0.0

The main function of this release was to add global filtering functionality to Director.
Click here to look at the Director 2.0.0 release notes.

Director 1.9.3


Allow user objects to be tracked during trial period.
Installation changed slightly to allow a Full Installation of an installation of the Viewer Tool only.

Installation notes:  Director automatically installs over your current installation of Director with no problems.

Director 1.9.0

new ‘Search’ dialog:
à search AD change events by DATE-range, many predefined settings, easy to choose
à search AD change events by ‘Object Name’, ‘Object Class’ and ‘WHO’
à save search-dialog settings into templates
à search technology is extensible
Remote and local Database access:
à lets users access and analyse ChangeTracer Database on remote machines
new ‘Export’ dialog:
à export data of the main listview as comma separated values files (csv)
à define as many ‘export’ templates as needed
à ‘export’ template features WHERE to save data
à ‘export’ template features WHICH COLUMNS to be exported



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