Event Log View's Main View

Event Log View's Filter Tree and Results Frame

Create Machine Lists

Event Log View's Event Filter Dialog

Event Log View -- Main View

Event Log View -- Main View

In the main view, you can see the events that were found in the right-hand frame. In the left-hand frame, you can see the tree of Event Filters.

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Tree Interface provides quick and easy access to filters

Event Filter Tree

Here you can see a close-up of Event Log View's Filter Tree. This is where you select which filter you want to use.

Descriptive results frame provides the event information you are looking for

Event Results Frame

This is Event Log View's Event Results Frame. You can click on any event to see the description of that event in a panel underneath. Scroll to the right to see all of the events, or click on any column heading to sort by that heading. You may also resize the columns, expanding them to see more information, or compressing them to hide information.

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Group similar machines together. Great for finding patterns in your event logs

Machine Lists

Using machine lists you can group similar machines together, enabling you to discover patterns of activity across your network.

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Powerful Event Filtering capabilities

Powerful filtering capabilities

Filter for specific parameters, or view all events. You always have one last chance before running the query to modify the filter that will be used.

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